Epigraphy, Languages & Scripts

Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory

This research center was founded by Thomas G. Palaima in 1986, and its aim is the study of writing systems in the Minoan, Mycenaean and Cypriote worlds.


Numismatic Museum of Athens

The Numismatic Museum owns more than 500,000 acquisitions – mostly coins as well as medals, lead seals, engraved gems, weights, obeloi and talents – dated from the 14th century BC until today. 


Atlas database of Exhibits - Louvre Museum

Atlas allows the direct online consultation of 35,000 works of art exhibited in the Louvre. Visitors can carry out simple or advanced searches. Available in French and in English.


The Fitzwilliam Museum, The Cyprus Collection

Pottery, figurines from clay and copper alloy, glass vessels, stone sculpture and inscriptions are all included in the Cypriote collection of the Fitzwilliam museum, which ranges in date from the Early Bronze Age of around 2,500 BC to the Roman period (up to around 400 AD).


Online Greek Coinage (OGC). Linked Ancient Numismatic Data

Online Greek Coinage is an international project with the goal to create a Typology of Ancient Greek Coinage, drawing on a number of Linked Open Data resources.


Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards

Online version of the Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards. It proposes the mapping and the listings of hoards published in the Coin Hoards with stable URI’s. 



Nomisma is a collaborative project providing stable digital representations of numismatic concepts according to the principles of Linked Open Data. Research Projects - such as Kyprios Character - and Museum Collections are following those common principles.


Münzkabinett Online Catalogue

The Münzkabinett Online Catalogue of the Berlin Museum is one of the largest Numismatic Collections in the world. The collection ranges from the beginning of coinage in the 7th century BC to 21st century Euros, and its geographical scope extends from Finland to South Africa, and from Berlin to Buenos Aires. 


Online Coins of the Roman Empire (OCRE)

Online Coins of the Roman Empire (OCRE) is a joint research project of the American Numismatic Society and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University. It is a revolutionary new tool designed to help in the identification, cataloguing, and research of the coinage of the Roman Empire via the record of every published type of Roman Imperial Coinage from 31 BC to 491 AD.


Antiquity À-la-carte

The Antiquity À-la-carte application is a web-based GIS interface and interactive digital atlas of the ancient world, featuring accurate historical, cultural, and geographical data. The map is completely searchable with customizable features, allowing for the creation of any map covering Archaic Greece to Late Antiquity and beyond.