From the electrum to the euro. A journey into the history of coins

The Museum of the History of the Cypriot Coinage of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation created an interactive application on a chronological and geographical exploration of the history of  currencies from the earliest coins (7th century BC) till today. 

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Department of Antiquities, Cyprus

Since its establishment in 1935, the Department of Antiquities is responsible for the excavation, conservation and promotion of ancient remains, and at the same time for the conservation, restoration and promotion of Cyprus' ancient monuments as a whole. On the website one can find information concerning public museums, ancient monuments, archaeological sites of Cyprus, the excavations that take place on the island, the Department's publications, legislation, educational programmes and application forms that are related to our services to the public. 


Museums, Foundations, Research Institutes & Associations

Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus

The Archaeological Research Unit forms part of the Faculty of Letters and functions within the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Cyprus. The Unit covers all the archaeological activity of the Department on Cyprus and is responsible for the relevant postgraduate courses.

Museums, Foundations, Research Institutes & Associations

Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI)

Founded in 1978, the CAARI is a research centre in Nicosia that offers accommodation tο researchers as well as one of the richest libraries in the island, specialising in Cypriote studies. CAARI also organizes conferences and other study and research activities, and it occasionally publishes monographs.


NARNIA. New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to Ancient Material Studies

NARNIA was an interdisciplinary research project with the objective to provide young researchers with the means to conduct research on ancient Eastern Mediterranean material culture through a series of research and training activities. NARNIA started in December 2010 and was completed in December 2014. 

Museums, Foundations, Research Institutes & Associations

Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC)

The Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC) of The Cyprus Institute is devoted to the development, introduction and use of advanced science and technologies in the field of archaeology, cultural heritage and history. 


Medelhavsmuseet, The Cyprus Collection

The Cyprus Collections at Medelhavsmuseet are some of the world's leading archaeological finds from Cyprus. The collections consist mainly of finds excavated by the Swedish Cyprus Expedition (1927- 1931) but also of finds located during Einar Gjerstad's excavations in Cyprus (1923-1924).

Museums, Foundations, Research Institutes & Associations

Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory

Aegeus - Society for Aegean Prehistory was established in 2009 and is a non-profit organisation with research, cultural and educational objectives.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cesnola collection

The Metropolitan Museum of Art proposes more than 400,000 of its objects online. The Cesnola Collection of Cypriote antiquities is included together with a variety of Cypriote antiquities;  on the website visitors can search for specific objects or browse through thematic essays via the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History.


Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum

Catalogue of archaeological objects from Cyprus preserved in the British Museum, edited by T. Kiely. When complete, this catalogue will cover the entire collection of objects held in the British Museum from the island of Cyprus. This includes material 
dating from around 6,000 BC to 500 AD.