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The numismatic database of Kyprios Character currently includes silver coins issued by the kings of Cyprus during the Archaic, Classical and Early Hellenistic periods, from museums, private collections and auction catalogues.

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The numismatic database of Kyprios Character is attached to the bibliographical database; it proposes a relevant bibliography to each coin and uses stable numismatic identifiers and linked open data methodologies established by the Nomisma.org project.

The scientific mission and in situ study of the Cypriote coins in the American Numismatic Society in New York has been made possible through funding from the ANAVATHMIS project.

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A few words for one coin ...

Obverse Amathous, Pyrwos, SilCoinCy A1129
Reverse Amathous, Pyrwos, SilCoinCy A1129

SilCoinCy A1129, Amathous, Pyrwos

c. 385 BC -
6.67 g.
Berlin, Münzkabin...

The coin issues of the king of Amathous, Pyrrwos, known exclusively from his numismatic production, are dated in the years after 385 BC.On the coins is adopted the iconography with the recumbent lion on the obverse, with a Cypriote Syllabic legend attesting his name on the exergue. On the reverse is represented the forepart of a lion with open jaws, with the Cypriote syllabic legend pu-ru-wo-so that repeats the king's name.

Find more about the coins of Amathous on Kyprios Character website, by reading the paper of Ε. Markou, “The coinages of the kings of Cyprus from the Archaic to the Early Hellenistic period”.