The future of the SilCoinCy research project concerns mainly the preparation of scientific publications with an emphasis on the numismatic production of Cypriote kings and the history of the kingdoms of the Archaic, Classical and Early Hellenistic period. 

The website Kyprios Character. History, Archaeology & Numismatics of Ancient Cyprus is continuously updated, and over the upcoming period of time our objective is to enable user accessibility in more sections that have not been uploaded yet (for example, the numismatic database) and to enhance the already accessible sections (for instance, the scientific papers from external collaborators about the history and archaeology of Cyprus).


In particular the numismatic database will soon include numismatic material (detailed descriptions and images) for more than 800 coins, for which the publication authorisation on the website has been granted. The recording of the numismatic material as part of the SilCoinCy research process involves silver Cypriote coins of the Archaic and Classical periods that are kept in museums and private collections all over the world, a significant part of which was studied during scientific missions in museum collections (March 2014 - May 2015) by the scientific coordinator of the project, Dr E. Markou. At the same time, the research associates, Dr P. Papadopoulou, D. Gerothanasis and, since March 2015, V. Psilakakou, undertook the task of searching auction catalogues from all over the world for Cypriote coins and over a period of five months they went through more than 70% of the auction catalogues of a private specialised library, dating from the end of the 19th century to 2014. The recording of coins from collections and museums, and the research in the remaining auction catalogues of the private library will continue with a view to collecting and studying as much material as possible and to updating the numismatic database regularly.


The remaining scientific articles about the history, archaeology and numismatics of ancient Cyprus will be uploaded on the website soon. Although the research team has already received more than 45 scientific articles, their translation, editing and proofreading by the authors will determine the frequency of the uploading of texts on the website. Dr G. Bourogiannis, the research associate of the SilCoinCy project, is in charge of those contributions and for most of their translations in Greek or in English, while members of the scientific team have been assisting with the editorial process (V. Psilakakou - Greek texts - and C. Panagiotopoulou - English texts-) and with the additions of coordinates for the digital maps accompanying those texts (E. Athanasiou, helped by A. Balkamos). Also, our aim is to increase the number of scientific texts on the website and primarily to enable young researchers to share - both with specialists and with the general public - the results of their research through Kyprios Character. 


For more information related to the scientific articles or the website, please view the Frequently Asked Questions and don't hesitate to Contact us.