Website and databases


The development of the  the Kyprios Character website and its functions are due to the research project collaborator, Christos Kopanos. The numismatic and the bibliographical database have been created by the research project collaborator, Christos Spiliopoulos.

The content of the website is the result of the collaboration of the SilCoinCy's research project's scientific team, enhanced by the research on the Cypriote numismatic bibliography by Dr Anne Destrooper-Georgiades, of the scientific papers written by external collaborators, and by the contribution of volunteer collaborators.


Collection of the numismatic material

The collection of the numismatic material and its organisation in the numismatic database of the SilCoinCy research project would not have been possible without the persmission for in situ study of the silver Cypriote coins of the Archaic and Classical periods. This permission was granted to the scientific coordinator of the SilCoinCy project, Dr E. Markou, by the following numismatic collections:


Nicosia: Department of Antiquities of Cyprus (Despina Pilides, Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou and Eftychia Zachariou as well as Chrysanthos Chrysanthou and Giorgos Masouras, in charge of the storeroom)

Nicosia: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (Eleni Zapiti and Lefki Michaelidou)

Larnaka: Archaeological Museum of the Larnaka District (Anna Satraki)


Athens: Numismatic Museum Athens (Giorgos Kakavas, Vassiliki Stefanaki and Efterpi Ralli). The rights of the reproduced monuments belong to the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports (Law 3028/2002).

AthensAlpha Bank Numismatic Collection (Dimitra Tsagari). The photographer of the coins is Mr Padelis Magoulas and the reproduction rights belong to the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection.


Paris: Cabinet des Médailles et Antiques de la Bibliothèque nationale de France​ (Frédérique Duyrat)

United Kingdom

London: The British Museum, Department of Coins and Medals (Amelia Dowler)

Oxford: The Ashmolean Museum, Heberden Coin Room (Volker Heuchert and Chris Howgego)

Cambridge: The Fitzwilliam Museum, Department of Coins and Medals (Adi Popescu and Martin Allen)

Glasgow: The Hunterian, Collection of Coins and Medals (Donal Bateson)


Berlin: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Münzkabinett – (Bernhard Weisser)


CopenhagenRoyal Collection of the National Museum of Denmark - (Helle Horsnæs and Line Bjerg)


Stockholm: Kungliga Myntkabinettet – (Ulrika Bornestaf) and Medelhavsmuseet – (Sofia Häggman, Christian Mühlenbock and Emma Andersson).


St. Petersburgh: State Hermitage Museum - (Mikhail Piotrovsky and Elena Kuvshinova).

United States of America

New York: American Numismatic Society - (Ute Wartenberg Kagan and Peter Van Alfen). 

The scientific mission and study of coin in New York was realised in the framework of the project ANAVATHMIS (2017-2020). 

We wish to warmly thank the aforementioned directors of the museums and the numismatic collections, the curators and the personnel of the museums and collections for the collaboration.

We would like to express our warmest gratitude to Basil Demetriadi and Patricia Felch for providing the SilCoinCy project’s collaborators (Dr Pagona Papadopoulou, Dimitris Gerothanasis and Vasia Psilakakou) with access to a private numismatic library for several months. This accessibility has significantly facilitated the cataloguing of the numismatic material and has enabled the addition into the numismatic database of Cypriote coins that have appeared in auctions worldwide. 


Scientific articles

The idea to present on the website scientific articles written especially for Kyprios Character by the specialists in the history and archaeology of Cyprus was a spontaneous decision that resulted from a discussion between Dr E. Markou and Dr P. Papadopoulou a few months after the beginning of the SilCoinCy research project, in March 2014, and has evolved into a great asset for the present website, due to the positive response of more than 50 colleagues and friends. 

Warm thanks are addressed to each and every one of them for accepting the invitation of collaboration and for providing the project team with scientific contributions of great thematic variety and scientific quality.

Warm thanks are also expressed to the scientific team of the SilCoinCy research project for the preparation of those texts. Dr Giorgos Bourogiannis has worked with enthusiasm and great attention on the editing and translation of the great majority of the scientific texts. Vassia Psilakakou has contributed greatly with translations and the editing of the Greek texts, while Chryssa Panagiotopoulou has been in charge of the editing of the English texts. Finally, Eleni Athanasiou has performed controls on the English texts and has collaborated with the student A. Balkamos, in order to determine the coordinates of the place names mentioned in the texts.


Bibliographic Database

Warm thanks are addressed to Prof. K. Rutter for approving the transfer of the Cypriote numismatic bibliography database from the website of the Cyprus Numismatic Project (CNP), of which he has been the scientific coordinator, to the Kyprios Character website.

The bibliography on Cypriote numismatics, the collection and classification of the references are the result of a long-year research by Dr Anne Destrooper-Georgiades, whom we thank warmly. Dr Anne Destrooper-Georgiades has accepted not only to provide us with the updated version of the bibliography she had prepared in the past for the Cyprus Numismatic Project, but also to propose indexes for authors' names, places and names, facilitating greatly the transformation of the file into a bibliographical database with multiple search facilities.

The research collaborator of the SilCoinCy research project, Vasia Psilakakou, has been in charge for the organisation of the bibliographical entries in order for them to be prepared for import to the bibliographical database. The members of the technical team of the research project, Christos Spiliopoulos - in charge of the numismatic and of the bibliographical database- and Christos Kopanos - in charge of the development of Kyprios Character's website - have been responsible for the creation of the databases (C. Spiliopoulos) and for their incorporation on the website (C. Kopanos).



ARISTEIA II (2014-2015)

None of the above would have been possible without the funding acquired in the framework of the ARISTEIA II grant. In a rather tough period for research funding in Greece - in the middle of a general economic crisis-, providing research opportunities to young scholars and building networks with colleagues working on ancient Cyprus and with Museums and Institutions with collections of Cypriote coins, has been a truly positive challenge.

The Action ARISTEIA II falls under the Fourth Strategic Objective of the Operational Programme (OP) “Education and Lifelong Learning” (EdLL), entitled “Supporting the Human Capital in order to Promote Research and Innovation” of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013 which is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and National Resources.

ANAVATHMIS (2017-2020)

The addition in the Database section of the website of the Cypriote coins from the American Numismatic Society coin collection, was made possible through the funding of the ANAVATHMIS project. 

The project entitled "ANAVATHMIS. Historical research and digital applications" (MIS 5002357) is implemented under the “Action for the Strategic Development on the Research and Technological Sector”, funded by the Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (NSRF 2014-2020) and co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).