The expression Kyprios Character is used in contemporary research to indicate the uniqueness of Cyprus and the symbol of the logo is a truly original combination, as well.

It is the combination of the ankh, , the Egyptian symbol of life and the Cypriote-syllabic sign ? (pa), initial of the word  ? ? ? ? ? (pa-si-le-wo-se) that is “kingin Cypriote-syllabic script, the local script of the island.

The synthesis of the website’s logo is not a modern graphic originality: it has been thought, engraved and represented on the silver coinage issued by the Successors of Evelthon of Salamis, dated before the middle of the 5th century BC. They indeed transformed two separate symbols in one iconographic type: one figural symbol  (the ankh) and one Cypriote-syllabic symbol ? (the pa) that refer to the royal authority and the unique right of the kings to issue coins.