How can I search for a coin ?

The coin database will be accessible at the end of July 2015 and will propose simple and elaborate search possibilities. Until then, the only coins that are proposed on the website are the coins mentioned in the scientific contributions and especially on those that belong to the thematic category of Numismatics.


How does the search of the cypriot numismatic bibliography function ? 

The numismatic bibliography is proposed in the Bibliography section of the website, has been compiled and updated by Dr Anne Destrooper-Georgiades and includes more than 600 entries. You will find in he secion an introductory text on he numismatic research and you can preform a free or elaborate search of references. For example you can search bibliographical references by author, publication year, title or part of the title, key-words or look at bibliographical entries that belong to specific categories (for example hoards).


How can I search for a scientific article published in Kyprios Character ?

In order to search for scientific articles published for the first time in Kyprios Character, you will have to visit the Articles section, where you will find all the articles that have been published, the articles in preparation and the thematic sections where they belong. 

Additional possibilities are offered via the Search button. One can search the scientific articles via the free search, or the keywords (that are proposed as a tag cloud which means that words of bigger size are more frequently represented in the texts) or with the helpf of a location map of the placenames mentioned in the scientific contributions.


What are the requirements and process for submission of scientific articles to be posted in the Articles section of the website?

Scientific articles are posted in the section Articles of the website, which is intended to present the work of both experienced and young researchers working on the various facets of history, archaeology and numismatics of ancient Cyprus.

For an article to be submitted it is required that the author is at the stage of completing or has already completed his/her PhD thesis or any other scientific study on Cyprus from the Prehistoric to the Roman period.

Submitted articles to be accepted for (online) publication should comply with additional basic criteria, such as the possibility to be included in one of the existing thematic sections and their originality in content as compared to the articles already published or scheduled for publication. All articles (published and scheduled for publication) can be found at the relevant section of the website.

Articles are to be sent in English and / or in Greek. For author guidelines regarding text content and format please click here.