The Research Project SilCoinCy


The Research Project “The Silver Coinage of the Kings of Cyprus: Numismatics and History in the Archaic and Classical Periods (6th to 4th centuries BC) (SilCoinCy)” comprises of the collection of coins preserved in museums and private collections around the world, the creation of a numismatic database, the study of the numismatic material and the diffusion of research results through scientific publications and through the development of a website dedicated to the history, archaeology and - of course - numismatics of ancient Cyprus. Here you can find information related to the idea of the research project.

The website of the research project Kyprios Character, History, Archaeology & Numismatics of Ancient Cyprus is currently under construction. Most of its sections have been completed:  the numismatic bibliography - with the Cypriote numismatics as its main axis-, prepared and updated by Dr Anne Destrooper-Georgiades; part of the scientific contributions that develop aspects of the history, archaeology and numismatics of ancient Cyprus, composed by external collaborators - experts in their respective fields-; the calendar of events as well as the links of interest. The website will soon include the remaining scientific texts, as well as a numismatic database of more than 1,500 coins that have received publication authorisations. The website will be constantly updated with additional coins in the coin database section, bibliographical references in the numismatic bibliography section, scientific contributions, events and links of interest. Here you can find information related to the progress of the research project.

The duration of the SilCoinCy research project is of 21 months (January 2014 - October 2015). Nevertheless, the study and publication of the scientific material will be realised in due time. The research project is conducted with the contribution of a scientific team and of additional technical support personnel that has contributed to the development of the website, the compilation of the numismatic database, the creation of the bibliographical database and the editing of its content, the translations and editing of the scientific texts in Greek and in English. Here you can find information related to the project team