Progress of the SilCoinCy research project


The website Kyprios Character, History, Archaeology & Numismatics of Ancient Cyprus is the outcome of the research project SilcoinCy and aims to become a reference point for ancient Cyprus.

One of the main features of the website is a searchable numismatic database that will soon host an important number of Cypriote coins (6th - 4th cent. BC) kept in private and public collections around the world. The numismatic database is available here.

The numismatic database is accompanied by scientific articles written by external collaborators; they are organised in nine thematic categories and pertain to aspects of the history, archaeology and numismatics of ancient Cyprus.

Along with the coin database and the scientific articles comes a bibliographic database, compiled by Dr Anne Destrooper-Georgiades and dedicated to Cypriote numismatics, links to websites of interest, and an events calendar.

The name: "Kyprios Character" and the logo of the website refer to the originality of the Cypriote civilization. This originality is also visible on the drawings that decorate the main sections of the website.

The future of the research project SilCoinCy is the preparation of scientific publications and the continuous update of the Kyprios Character website and it's content.