Arsinoe Philadelphus in Cyprus

Michel, Anaïs

Arsinoe Philadelphus is a well-known figure of Hellenistic history. She plays an important role for the definition of Ptolemaic queenship and sparks interest from scholars focusing on the dialog with local and, most specifically in Ptolemaic context...

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Section: Cult and Religion
Published: January 4, 2021

The Coinage of the Ptolemies in Cyprus

Olivier, Julien

The Ptolemaic kings of Egypt struck many series of coins, mainly in Alexandria but also in various mints scattered inforeign possessions, such as Coele Syria and Cyprus.

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Section: Numismatics
Published: July 30, 2015

The alphabetic inscriptions of Cyprus: epigraphic contribution to the reconstruction of the history of ancient Cyprus

Kantirea, Maria

The epigraphic evidence known from ancient Cyprus consists of over 5,000 inscriptions: syllabic, Phoenician, alphabetic Greek and Latin. The first two groups are extremely important for the study ...

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Section: Epigraphy
Published: June 7, 2015